Frequently Asked Questions

Caren Hats

Q:  I have Cigna, will that pay for your services?

A:  Cigna will pay for therapeutic counseling as well as some referral services depending on your insurance plan. Other insurance companies will provide some reimbursement (out of network benefits).

Q:  Will you work with us on a short term basis or do we need to make a long term commitment?

A:  We will work with you on a short or long term basis.

Q:  Can we pay you with a check?

A:  You can pay with cash or check.

Q:  Is my parent your client or am I your client?

A:  You and your parents are my clients.

Q:  How do you report to us about your work with my mother or father?

A: We are available to discuss our work with your parents via phone and/or email.

Caren Redlich works with seniors and their families on a monthly or an as-needed basis to provide needed services and referrals.

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